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Satellite – The History, Technology And Importance


What Is A Satellite?

A satellite is a moon, planet or machine that orbits a star or planet. As an example, as the Earth orbits the sun, it is considered to be a one. Likewise, the moon is also a satellite as it orbits the Earth. Commonly, the word “satellite” refers to a device this is released into space and actions round Earth or any other frame in space.

Earth and the moon are very good examples of natural satellites. Heaps of artificial, or guy-made, satellites orbit Earth. Some take pix of the planet that assist meteorologists expect weather and track hurricanes. Some take pictures of different planets, the sun, black holes, dark remember or faraway galaxies. These snap shots help scientists better understand the solar system and the universe.

Nevertheless different satellites are used particularly for communications, consisting of beaming television signals and speak to calls around the arena. A set of extra than 20 satellites make up the Global Positioning gadget, or GPS. When you have a GPS receiver, these satellites can help determine out your precise place.

Why Are Satellites vital?

The chook’s-eye view that satellites have lets in them to look large areas of Earth at one time. This capability method satellites can collect more records, extra quickly, than instruments on the ground.

Satellites also can see into space better than telescopes at Earth’s floor. That is because satellites fly above the clouds, dust and molecules in the surroundings that may block the view from floor degree.

Before satellites, television indicators did not move very a ways. Television alerts most effective tour in immediately lines. So that they could speedy path off into area in preference to following Earth’s curve. On occasion mountains or tall homes would block them. Cellphone calls to faraway places have been additionally a hassle. Setting up cellphone wires over long distances or underwater is tough and expenses plenty.

With satellites, television alerts and mobile phone calls are sent upward to a satellite. Then, almost right away, the satellite can send them backpedal to distinct places on the earth.

What Are The Components Of A Satellite?

Satellites are available in many styles and sizes. However most have at the least two parts in not unusual – an antenna and a energy source. The antenna sends and receives records, regularly to and from Earth. The power supply may be a solar panel or battery. Solar panels make electricity by using turning daylight into strength.

Many NASA satellites bring cameras and scientific sensors. Occasionally those instruments factor towards Earth to acquire information about its land, air and water. Different times they face closer to space to collect facts from the solar machine and universe.

How Do Satellites Orbit Earth?

Maximum satellites are launched into space on rockets. A satellite orbits Earth whilst its speed is balanced by the pull of Earth’s gravity. Without this equality or balance, the satellite would fly in a straight line off into area or fall back to Earth. Satellites orbit Earth at distinct heights, distinctive speeds and alongside exclusive paths. The two maximum commonplace styles of orbit are “geostationary” (jee-oh-stay-shun-air-ee) and “polar.”

A geostationary satellite moves from west to east over the equator. It actions inside the identical course and at the equal rate Earth is spinning. From Earth, a geostationary satellite seems like it is status nonetheless since it is continually above the identical vicinity.

Polar-orbiting satellites journey in a north-south direction from pole to pole. As Earth spins beneath, these satellites can test the complete globe, one strip at a time.

Why Don’t Satellites Crash Into Each Different?

Simply, they are able to. NASA and different U.S. And global companies maintain track of satellites in area. Collisions are uncommon because whilst a satellite is released, it’s miles positioned into an orbit designed to avoid other satellites. But orbits can alternate over the years. And the chances of a crash increase as increasingly satellites are launched into area.

In February 2009, communications satellites – one American and one Russian – collided in space. This, however, is believed to be the first time two man-made satellites have collided by chance.

What Turned Into The First Satellite In Space?

Sputnik 1 became the first satellite in space. The Soviet Union released it in the year 1957.

What Is The History Of NASA Satellites?

NASA has launched dozens of satellites into space, beginning with the Explorer 1 satellite in 1958. Explorer 1 was the usa’s first man-made satellite. The principle tool aboard was a sensor that measured high-strength debris in area referred to as cosmic rays.

The first satellite picture of Earth came from NASA’s Explorer 6 in 1959. TIROS-1 observed in 1960 with the first television photograph of Earth from space. Those pictures did now not show a whole lot detail. But they did display the ability satellites had to exchange how human beings view Earth and space.

How Does NASA Use Satellites These Days?

NASA satellites assist scientists study Earth and area.

Satellites searching toward Earth provide records approximately clouds, oceans, land and ice. They also measure gases within the surroundings, along with ozone and carbon dioxide, and the quantity of electricity that Earth absorbs and emits, and satellites display wildfires, volcanoes and their smoke.

All this information helps scientists to be able to predict weather and climate. The data additionally enables public health officials detect disease and famine; it allows farmers realize what plants to plant; and it facilitates emergency employees reply to herbal failures.

Satellites that face in the direction of area have a diffusion of jobs. A few look ahead to dangerous rays coming from the sun. Others discover asteroids and comets, the records of stars, and the foundation of planets. A few satellites fly near or orbit different planets. Those spacecraft may look for evidence of water on Mars or capture near-up images of Saturn’s rings.

In Conclusion: Satellite is very crucial due to the fact that the information from it can be used to in various ways, like; Analysing weather from space, weather forecast, observation of changes in climate patterns and estimation of sea and ice levels and watching the earth closely from space can play a very crucial role also when it comes to everyday life/activities.

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Everything You Need To Know About 5G Technology.


5G Technology – Fifth Clan Of Cellular Networks


What Is 5G Technology?

In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth era generation standard for broadband cell networks, which cellular telephone companies started out deploying international in 2019, and is the deliberate successor to the 4G networks which offer connectivity to maximum current mobile phones. 5G networks are meant to have higher than 1.7 billion followers worldwide by way of 2025, in alignment with the GSM association.

  • Like its ancestors, 5G networks are cellular networks, in which the provider vicinity is split into small geographical areas referred to as cells. All 5G wi-fi gadgets in a mobile are connected to the internet and phone community with the aid of radio waves via a neighborhood antenna within the cellular. The principle benefit of the new networks is that they’ll have more bandwidth, giving better download speeds, in the end up to ten gigabits according to second (Gbit/s).
  •  Because of the multiplied bandwidth, it’s miles anticipated the networks will increasingly be used as wellknown net service carriers for laptops and laptop computer systems, competing with existing ISPs along with cable net, and also will make possible new applications in net of factors (IoT) and system to machine regions. 4G cellphones are not capable of use the new networks, which require 5G enabled wi-fi gadgets.

Troubles for Congress since the first cellular phones had been made to be had in the Nineteen Eighties, telecommunication vendors have been making an investment in cell networks to enlarge insurance, enhance offerings, and appeal to greater Customers. First-technology networks supported mobile voice calls but had been restrained in coverage and ability.

To cope with the ones limitations, vendors evolved and deployed 2nd-technology(2G) mobile networks, then 0.33-technology(3G), and fourth-generation(4G) networks. Each generation offered stepped forward speeds, more ability, and new capabilities and services.

In 2018, telecommunication providers commenced deploying 5th-era(5G) networks to meet developing needs for statistics from customer and business users. 5G networks are predicted to enable providers to expand purchaser offerings(e.G.,video streaming,virtual reality programs), support the growing wide variety of related gadgets(e.G., clinical gadgets, smart homes, net of factors), support new industrial makes use of (e.G.,business sensors, industrial monitoring structures), perform superior facts analytics, and allow the use of superior technology (e.G., smartcity applications, autonomous vehicles).
5G is expected to yield large monetary blessings.

Marketplace analysts estimate that within the u.S., 5G could create as much as 3million new jobs an dadd $500 billion to the nation’s gross home product. Globally, analysts estimate that 5G technologies ought to generate $12.3 trillionin sales interest across a couple of industries and guide 22million jobs by means of 2035.

Experience has proven that agencies first to marketplace with new products can capture the majority of the sales, yielding lengthy-term advantages for those organizations and good sized financial gains for the nations where those businesses are placed.

Hence, era companies round the arena are racing to develop 5G products, and a few countries(i.E., valuable governments) are acting in guide of 5G deployment.This opposition to develop 5G merchandise and seize the global 5G market is regularly called the“race to 5G.”
In the race to 5G, the us is one of the leaders, at the side of China and South Korea.

Each united states of america has followed a special method to guide in 5G technology development and deployment.China’s primary government is assisting the deployment of 5G infrastructure in China. China has a countrywide plan to deploy 5G regionally, seize the sales from its domestic marketplace, improve its commercial structures, and turn out to be a main supplier of telecommunications equipment to the International.

In South Korea, the crucial government is working with telecommunications providers to deploy 5G. South Korea plans to be the first usa to install 5G kingdom huge, and to use the generation to enhance its industrial structures inside the united states of america, private industry is leading 5G deployment.

U.S. Vendors, competing towards every different, have carried out 5G trials in numerous towns and were the primary in the global to offer 5G services commercially.The U.S. Government has supported 5G deployment, making spectrum to be had for 5G use and streamlining strategies associated with the siting of 5G system(e.G., smallcells).

Whilst every country has taken a distinct approach to capturing the 5G market, there are factors that force the timeline for all deployments, together with worldwide choices on trendy sand spectrum. In the united states of america, 5G deployment will also be
affected by the prolonged spectrum allocation system, resistance from nearby governments to federal small mobile siting rules, and limitations on alternate that may affect availability of device.

The 116th Congress may additionally reveal the progress of 5G deployment within the u.S. And the U.S. Position in the race to 5G.

Congress may also bear in mind guidelines that may affect 5G deployment, which includes rules related to spectrum allocation, alternate regulations, and local worries with 5G deployment.

Regulations that support 5G deployment even as additionally shielding national and nearby interests could provide tremendous consumer benefits, help to modernize industries, provide U.S. Companies an advantage within the worldwide economy, and yield lengthy-term financial gains for the us.

In growing guidelines, individuals can also remember the economic and consumer blessings of 5G technologies, in addition to different pursuits, together with the want to maintain spectrum for other customers and uses, the safety of country wide security and high brow assets while trading, the privateness and protection of 5G gadgets and systems, and the honour of neighborhood government and concerns in the course of 5G deployment.

Top 8 Demanding Situations Confronted All Through 5G Technology Community Deployment

1.) Spectrum availability and implementation problems. …

2.) Deploying hybrid LTE-NR is critical. …

3.) three complex network architecture. …

4.) four call for for big 5G networks checking out. …

5.) scarcity Of 5G gadgets. …

6.) funding requirements. …

7.) guidelines on radiation…

8.) Security and privacy.


In Conclusion: 5G has the ability of joining 100 billion devices. 5G has the ability to release an accurate experience over a different scenarios involving the cases of ultra-high connection density, and ultra-high mobility, ultra-high traffic volume density.

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Hushpuppi Saga: Abba Kyari’s Extradition Will Be Decided By The Court Says AGF Malami



Abubakar Malami AGF has just reacted to the fingering and apt extradition of DCP Abba Kyari based on the wire fraud and money laundering business led by Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi.

He said that due process will be followed in his extradition and which will be decided by the court. He further noted that with the relationship of Nigeria with USA, they can write each other to extradite a citizen who had committed an offence in either country.

As we all know, an arrest warrant has been issued by the United States district court for the central district of California ordering for the arrest of Mr Kyari and produce him in court. (Please always be active to get more latest news on Hushpupi and Abba Kyari)

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How Sunday Igboho Sneaked Away From Beninese Airport And Was Later Trapped Back, Tracking Phone Calls.

Uche Maduagwu Says Sanwo-Olu Is Responsible For The Commotion That Took Place At Oshodi, Lagos State.

Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu To Get Us Support.

Cross River State Deputy Governor Shockingly Defects To APC.

DSS Do Not Arrest Chief Sunday Igboho, Unfreeze His Accounts- Court.

NECO Government Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (theory and objective).

President Buhari Calls For International Support From Central Africa Republic.

Bomb Blows Up Inside A Suicide Body In Afikpo North Local Government Area, Situated In Ebonyi State.

Not Long Ago – Unidentified Gunmen Pulled Down Orji Police Station, Situated In Owerri.

Protest Rocks Kaduna, Abuja Highway.

The Adorable Wife Of Oyo APC Youth Leader Has Been Declared Missing.

Source: betahits.com

DSS Do Not Arrest Chief Sunday Igboho, Unfreeze His Accounts- Court



The Ibadan High court sitting on Wednesday aborted the move of the Department of state security service(DSS) and the Attorney General of Nigeria to arrest and block the accounts of Chief Sunday Igboho Adeyemo.

After listening to the suit filed by Chief Sunday Igboho’s counsel Yomi Aliyu, Justice Ladiran Akintolu gave an order refraining the secret police and Mr Abubakar from arresting and blocking the account of the Omo-oduduwa Nation(Seeking for an independent Yoruba nation).

The respondents including the DSS director and the AGF of Oyo state were absent in court.

The counsel further told the court that Igboho’s life has been under threat after the bloody invasion of his house by the DSS operatives which led to the damage of his properties and killing of his close relative.

In the ruling Justice Akintola expressed satisfaction and belief in the account of his counsel and ordered that Igboho not be arrested, killed or maimed by any of their security agents; he asked that they allow him exercise his fundamental human rights. Furthermore, Justice Akintola ordered that any restrictions on his accounts be lifted and his adjourned the case until 18th August 2021 for a hearing of the originating summon.

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How Sunday Igboho Sneaked Away From Beninese Airport And Was Later Trapped Back, Tracking Phone Calls.

Uche Maduagwu Says Sanwo-Olu Is Responsible For The Commotion That Took Place At Oshodi, Lagos State.

Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu To Get Us Support.

Cross River State Deputy Governor Shockingly Defects To APC.

NECO Government Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (theory and objective)


NECO 2021 government exam questions and answers. In this post, I will give you free access to all free government NECO Questions and answers for this year including the past questions.

neco questions and answers
NECO Government questions and answers

2021 Free NECO Questions and Answers

Below the are today’s questions and answers for government.

Answers loading…

Government NECO correct questions will be uploaded here for free on the day of examination. Do well to check back here and get your free answers.

SECTION A (Answer ONLY TWO Questions)


Sovereignty can be defined as the supreme power of the state to make and enforce laws within her territory without any external influence or interference.


(i) By Membership of international organizational organizations.
(ii) By signing of international treaties.
(iii) By customs and traditions of the republic
(iv) By technical and military aids
(v) By public opinion and land-locked.


Fiscal federalism is concerned with understanding which functions and instruments are best centralized and which are best placed in the sphere of decentralized levels of government. In other words, it is the study of how competencies (expenditure side) and fiscal instruments (revenue side) are allocated across different (vertical) layers of the administration.


Delegated Legislation is a term which covers the vast amount of Legislation made by Government Agencies and the Governor-General under authority of Acts of Parliaments, which delegate this power to agencies.


Collective responsibility is the convention whereby individual members of the government are held accountable for the actions and decisions of government as a whole.


Checks and balances , principle of government under which separate branches are empowered to prevent actions by other branches and are induced to share power. In other words Checks and balances are applied primarily in constitutional governments .

SECTION B (Answer ONLY THREE Questions)

(6) Write short notes on the following:

(i) The Preamble
(ii) The Government
(iii) The Territory
(iv) Separation of Powers
(v) Sovereignty
(vi) Federalism

(i)The Preamble:

This part of the constitution gives guidance to the constitution. Here we are given the chapter, sections and subsections of the constitution and pages where they can be found. The preamble is meant to direct or serve as a content page of the Nigerian constitution. The preamble could also be found on the 3rd to the with page of the Nigerian constitution of 1999.

(ii)The Government:

There must be a government whether elective or not run the affairs of the state. The type of government does not matter. It may be a military regime coo loan administration, Oligarchy, Diarchy, Monarchy, there must be a government to be in-charge of the affairs of the states. In other words The government system is Nigeria according to the constitution shows that we are operating the presidential system of government that is the President as the ceremonial head and also the executive head and also the executive head. Section 130-140 of the 1999 constitution shows and takes about the President of the federation.

(iii) The territory:

A state, legally is a defined boundary, although, such boundary is suppose to be permanent, if it change at all, such changes must not be at random. It is the territorial entities. A community with a defined territory must be inherited by human territory must be inherited by human beings the section 2 and 3 of the 1999 constitution talks about Nigeria as a territorial state.

(iv)The Separation of Powers:

Separation of powers can be found in section 4, 5 and 6 of this sections delegate certain powers to be armor organs of Government in Nigeria. The Section 4 of the 1999 constitution talks about legislative arm of Government, Section 5 talk of the Executive and section 6 talks about solitary.

(v) The Sovereignty:

Sovereignty could be defined as the ability for a nation to be total control without external interference. Nigeria according to 1999 constitution is a sovereign state and it can be found in section 2 of the Nigeria constitution.

(vi) The Federalism:

Federalism has to do with the division of Government, state and local government,
And a federal system of no government is the ached by a ceremonial head known as the president it can be found in chapter part of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

(i) Religious functions:

It was duty of the head of the council of Oyo Mesi, the Bashorun, to consult the Ifa oracle for the approval of the gods. Though the appointment of a new king was the duty of the Oyomesi, the new Alaafin was seen as an appointment by the gods.

(ii) Ensured policies were implemented:

The Oyomesi was tasked with making sure that the policy decisions taken by the state was implemented throughout the empire. This was to ensure that there was full compliance.

(iii) Checks on the powers of the Oba:

The Oyomesi served as a check on the powers of the Alaafin or king. Led by the Bashorun, the Oyomesi could dethrone the Alaafin if the people lost confidence in his administration.

(iv) Initiate laws:

The Oyomesi had the power to initiate laws for consideration and subsequent adoption if deemed necessary for the efficient administration of the empire.

(v) Installation of a new Alaafin:

Oyomesi was to take part in the installation of a new king after a candidate was found. The installation of kings was one of the high points in the administration of the empire and the Oyomesi made sure they partook in all its activities.

(vi) Select a new Alaafin:

Oyomesi was to take part in the selection and replacement of the Alaafin or king when he died or abdicated his throne.


(i) The economic and social council help to serve as the central forum for discussions on international economic and social issues of other countries. In other words they also helps to promote higher standards of living.

(ii) The economic and social council helps to find solutions of international economic, social, health and related problems, and international cultural and educational cooperation. In other words they also helps to encourage universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

(iii)The economic and social council helps to assist the organization of major international conferences in the field of economic and social and related fields. In other words They make or initiate studies and reports with respect to the council.

(iv) The economic and social council helps international economic and social matters
to prepare draft conventions for submission to the General Assembly. In other words they help to coordinate the work of the specialized agencies and programme.

(v) The economic and social council helps to find solutions to international economic and social issues to undertake/ facilitate studies and bring out repots. In other words It studies the current challenges and proposes forward looking strategies for advancement and empowerment of women & girls.

(vi)The economic and social council helps prepare draft convention for UNGA arrange for consultations with NGO’s. In other words they co-ordination, and develop standards and norms for global statistical information system.


(i) Formulation of Policies:

The senior administrative and technical civil servants help to formulate the policies and programmes of the government. These are presented to the ministers and commissioners for consideration and final decisions.

(ii) Drafting of Bills:

Experts in the civil service, especially lawyers, assist the government in the drafting of bills which eventually become laws.

(iii) Advice to the ministers/commissioners:

The top civil servants act as advisers to the ministers and commissioners in charge of their ministries. Their relevant expertise and experience afford them the opportunity of providing dependable guide and information on complex government policies and programmes. They also help the political appointees to furnish the legislature with relevant information requested on their ministry.

(iv) Implementation of government policies:

The top civil servants coordinate and supervise their
subordinates to ensure the smooth execution of the policies and programmes of government. This ensures the provision
of amenities to improve the health, education, social and general life of their people.

(v) Preparation of annual estimates and budgets:

The civil servants draft and prepare the annual budget and estimates of government ministries, departments and

(vi) Keeping government records and property:

Civil servants gather and supply very useful information on which government policies and programmes are based. In other words They keep and preserve government property.

NECO Government OBJ Answers 2021

Today’s NECO Government OBJ:







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Must Read: Waec And Jamb Science Students!!

How to Pass NECO governernment exam

It is critical that you read this part.

If you’re still wondering how to pass your NECO exam, the answer is straightforward. Simply follow the guidelines and you will be able to pass any exam, including NECO.

However, I’ll list a couple of them below for your convenience.

To begin, read according to the NECO Government syllabus:

The NECO syllabus covers all of the topics you’ll need to know in order to pass your NECO government test. This simply implies that your inquiries will not be directed outside of these focus areas.

Before I show you the syllabus, it’s important to understand that NECO does not have its own syllabus and instead follows the WAEC syllabus. 95% of the topics in the WAEC syllabus are related to the environment.

Third, try your best to adhere to all of the examination guidelines to the letter. Don’t leave anyone out. This is precisely why you must carefully read all of the instructions.

Make sure you don’t answer any questions that aren’t asked. If you answer more questions, you will be penalized, and your score will be reduced. So, to prevent jeopardizing your chances of passing, make sure you answer all of the questions.

It’s also a good idea to try all of the questions. Don’t spend too much time on one question. You should be able to finish the objective section in 30–40 minutes and go on to the essay section.

For any question, drop a comment below.

By Mr. Samuel Chidi – Nigeria Quietly Loosing Its’ Value Of Trust Amongst The Countries Of The World

Nigeria: Just like the speed of light we have reached this time in our history as one people; about 60 years old. This is worth being acknowledged and inspiring to Nations who look up to us.

Unity, they say is very good and essential to any people. Despite this unity why are we still not satisfied?. This is a question I keep asking and I believe some other persons will be asking that too. Well, this question is not without an answer.

We have had the worst leadership and leaders in this epoch of our collective existence. And this is not unconnected to the fact that this has led to an eruption of bad policies, actions, ideas, unnecessary bureaucracy and unequal appointments. These in turn give birth to Acts of terrorism and banditry in the north, Farmers/herders clashes in the west and Arson and cries for separation in the East.

That which mostly threatens our widely admired and cherished unity and gives us this sense of greatness amongst Nations is the issue of “secession” which is fast gaining acceptance and tarnishing our oneness before the world. In the words of Reno Omokri “Nigeria had never been divided as it’s today”. I see no reason to doubt this, as things have taken a wrong shape in the Buhari- led Administration of the APC. His Administration has expressed hostility at the right to freedom of speech and expression; the Media is now being gagged, protests are now being treated with disrespect by the law enforcement agencies through unjust killings and arrest. That which hurts most is the killing of Biafran and Oduduwa protesters respectively. Their leaders arrested and incacerated. Why should a government which has sworn to protect lives and properties do such?

Indeed this is a betrayal of trust and it’s explicitly shameful. Furthermore, this Administration has shown the worst form of Bias and tribalism under the guise of protecting the interest of Nigerians. Practical examples are: the 97/5 percent speech, the heading of all security agencies by Muslim males, the unequal appointments of aides and staff to the President, Bandits and Bokoharam fighters are given preferential treatments. Additionally, there’s the unlawful extradition of Mazi Kanu who is a UK citizen in Kenya and similarly the push to forcefully extradite the Yoruba freedom fighter, Igboho from Benin republic. Now, we have the case of DCP Abba Kyari who has just been indicted in the case of Hushpuppi and the USA government is seeking his extradition to USA. The Nigerian government instead of handing him over to the US government is claiming a due process must be followed but disappointingly and unfortunately didn’t follow due process in extraditing Mazi Kanu. Is this not hypocrisy?. Of course it’s.

A hypocrite can’t be trusted and this is what the Nigerian government has turned itself to become. The main implication of this act of Bias and tribalism and in short bad governance is that domestic and foreign direct investments will be lost as no one will like to invest in a country which can’t be trusted with a 24/7 security thereby increasing unemployment and poverty which will in turn add to the rate of insecurity and anarchy fast eating up our existence as one entity.

I believe we can stand on our feet again to keep things right even better than they were in the days of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu, Tafawa Belewa and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. It’s simple, let’s shun Political aparthy; let’s vote, criticize constructively political decisions, ideas and developments as we are the real government and not those we elected. The government should make its heart open to dialogue; the cries or yearnings of the separatists can’t be swept under the carpet. Continuous neglect to dialogue may one day see us parting ways. All hands must be on desk as we maintain our value of trust.



Quotes Of Wisdom:

A Bird Sitting On A Tree Is Not Afraid Of The Branch Breaking.

The Only Failure In Life Is The Failure To Try.

An Attitude Of Positive Expectation Is The Mark Of The Superior Personality.

This article is presented to you by one of the professional Article Writers of Betahits. if you need an article like this, you can contact us via WhatsApp @08153014875 or via Email @betahits.com@gmail.com

We deliver our jobs instantly and you won’t regret working with us.

Celebrity Gist: Jeriqthehustla Meets Phyno To Have A Listening Session Of His New Album EAST & WEST ( Watch Video)


Celebrity Gist

One of the top Rappers from Nigeria, Jeriqthehustla recently dropped an Album, titled “East & West” featuring another top rapper from Davido Music Worldwide, Dremo and the Album is really buzzing on the internet, currently.

Recently, he visited the No.1 playmaker, Phyno who is the owner of Penthauze record label and they exchanged pleasantries.

Jeriq’s main objective of visiting was to have a cool listening session of his New Album, titled “East & West” with Phyno, so he can Know whether he’s really being felt by other Artiste and also get more encouragements.

Fortunately for him, after the meeting, Phyno really congratulated him, saying that he really did a very wonderful job on his Album (East & West) and that he should keep on with his good vibes.

It was a wonderful meeting as he was very happy as he was about leaving phyno’s office.

Watch Full Video Below

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Breaking News: Set Nnamdi Kanu Free Within 11 days Unless We’ll Put South East On Lockdown (IPOB)


The information reaching us is that IPOB, the indigenous people of Biafra threatens declare lock down in the South East if their leader is not released. They have given a space of 11 days to the Federal Government for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, under no negotiation.

The case of the Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kalu, has been ongoing especially after his arrest and arraignment in the Nigerian Court of Law. The members of IPOB has not expressed any iota of happiness over such incident. For this reason, they have been doing their best to ensure that their leader is released.

Now, they finally threatens to declare lock down in the South East if their leader is not released. They gave the Nigerian Federal government 11 days to release Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra Leader, or they embark on lock down. How possible is that? Below is what the IPOB leader said concerning the release of the Biafra leader.

IPOB threatens to go on Lock down: What does the IPOB Leader say?

The head of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Chika Edoziem said that the South East region will be Locked down totally on daily basis if Nnamdi Kanu is no given his freedom before the 9th of August, 2021.

Mazi Chika Edoziem gave reasonable explanations regarding the lockdown in a statement yesterday, he said that the reason is to persuade the Government to set Nnamdi Kanu free, healthy and hearty.

All we wait now id the 9th day of August, 2021 to see if the threat of IPOB to the Nigerian government will come to pass or not. If it happens, what will happen and if it doesn’t, what happens. Tell us what you think about this Drop your opinion below.


Nnamdi Kanu Lawyer Asks Nigerians To Pray For His Client For A Favourable Trial On Monday

Biafra Nnamdi Kanu To Get Us Support

By Mr. Samuel Chidi: Nigeria Quietly Loosing Its’ Value Of Trust Amongst The Countries Of The World

Picture News: Atiku Gets In Touch With Governor Wike (See Pictures)


New pictures of Atiku Abubakar. Atiku gets in touch with Governor Wike at the Government House of Rivers State.

It was really a peaceful meeting as they had peaceful pictures together.

Abubakar Atiku’s new pictures

Picture News: Atiku Gets In Touch With Governor Woke (See Pictures)
Picture News: Atiku Gets In Touch With Governor Wike
Picture News: Atiku Gets In Touch With Governor Wike (See Pictures)
Picture News: Atiku Gets In Touch With Governor Wike


President Buhari Calls For International Support From Central Africa Republic

Bomb Blows Up Inside A Suicide Body In Afikpo North Local Government Area, Situated In Ebonyi State.

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Picture News: Huge Elephant Spotted In Ikuru Community (See Pictures)


Picture News:

Huge Elephant spotted in Ikuru community, precisely the Local Government Area of River State, Adoni. This is really a good example of wildlife.

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Picture News: Huge Elephant Spotted In Ikuru Community
Picture News: Huge Elephant Spotted In Ikuru Community
Picture News: Huge Elephant Spotted In Ikuru Community
Picture News: Huge Elephant Spotted In Ikuru Community

Surprising – Idia Aisien Receives A New Range Rover From Her Family ( See Photos)


Idia Aisien is a Nollywood Actress, Television Presenter and Model, who has really made it to the top.

Recently, she received a brand new Range Rover Jeep from her family as Birthday Gift and she shared it on her Instagram page for her and fans to follow and merry.

In interpretation, she said that she was in Dubai with her brothers when she sighted an autobiography Range Rover mounted on display on the Airport of Dubai, she made an exclamation of Joy, saying “God this is my dream car!”, But her brother replied, saying; “who’s gonna buy you that?”. Now if you recognize me i dream big but also naturally content, adding to the love my siblings have been showing me. She also mentioned that her siblings have been calling her, asking when she will be back from her birthday journey, but she had no idea that they are planning something awaiting for her return. In conclusion, she thanked God alot for the unbelievable miracle as she went to visit her brother who stays in Lagos, fortunately for her, she saw her dream car(Range Rover) waiting for her.

She dropped some pictures on her social media accounts, showing off her brand new Range Rover.

See some pictures below:

Surprising - Idia Aisien Receives A New Range Rover From Her Family ( See Photos)
Surprising – Idia Aisien Receives A New Range Rover From Her Family ( See Photos)
Idia Aisien
Idia Aisien 


She has really thanked God for his infinite mercy upon her Life