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By Mr. Samuel Chidi – Nigeria Quietly Loosing Its’ Value Of Trust Amongst The Countries Of The World

By Mr. Samuel Chidi –  Nigeria Quietly Loosing Its’ Value Of Trust Amongst The Countries Of The World
Mr. Samuel Chidi (Product Of Nigeria)

Nigeria: Just like the speed of light we have reached this time in our history as one people; about 60 years old. This is worth being acknowledged and inspiring to Nations who look up to us.

Unity, they say is very good and essential to any people. Despite this unity why are we still not satisfied?. This is a question I keep asking and I believe some other persons will be asking that too. Well, this question is not without an answer.

We have had the worst leadership and leaders in this epoch of our collective existence. And this is not unconnected to the fact that this has led to an eruption of bad policies, actions, ideas, unnecessary bureaucracy and unequal appointments. These in turn give birth to Acts of terrorism and banditry in the north, Farmers/herders clashes in the west and Arson and cries for separation in the East.

That which mostly threatens our widely admired and cherished unity and gives us this sense of greatness amongst Nations is the issue of “secession” which is fast gaining acceptance and tarnishing our oneness before the world. In the words of Reno Omokri “Nigeria had never been divided as it’s today”. I see no reason to doubt this, as things have taken a wrong shape in the Buhari- led Administration of the APC. His Administration has expressed hostility at the right to freedom of speech and expression; the Media is now being gagged, protests are now being treated with disrespect by the law enforcement agencies through unjust killings and arrest. That which hurts most is the killing of Biafran and Oduduwa protesters respectively. Their leaders arrested and incacerated. Why should a government which has sworn to protect lives and properties do such?

Indeed this is a betrayal of trust and it’s explicitly shameful. Furthermore, this Administration has shown the worst form of Bias and tribalism under the guise of protecting the interest of Nigerians. Practical examples are: the 97/5 percent speech, the heading of all security agencies by Muslim males, the unequal appointments of aides and staff to the President, Bandits and Bokoharam fighters are given preferential treatments. Additionally, there’s the unlawful extradition of Mazi Kanu who is a UK citizen in Kenya and similarly the push to forcefully extradite the Yoruba freedom fighter, Igboho from Benin republic. Now, we have the case of DCP Abba Kyari who has just been indicted in the case of Hushpuppi and the USA government is seeking his extradition to USA. The Nigerian government instead of handing him over to the US government is claiming a due process must be followed but disappointingly and unfortunately didn’t follow due process in extraditing Mazi Kanu. Is this not hypocrisy?. Of course it’s.

A hypocrite can’t be trusted and this is what the Nigerian government has turned itself to become. The main implication of this act of Bias and tribalism and in short bad governance is that domestic and foreign direct investments will be lost as no one will like to invest in a country which can’t be trusted with a 24/7 security thereby increasing unemployment and poverty which will in turn add to the rate of insecurity and anarchy fast eating up our existence as one entity.

I believe we can stand on our feet again to keep things right even better than they were in the days of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu, Tafawa Belewa and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. It’s simple, let’s shun Political aparthy; let’s vote, criticize constructively political decisions, ideas and developments as we are the real government and not those we elected. The government should make its heart open to dialogue; the cries or yearnings of the separatists can’t be swept under the carpet. Continuous neglect to dialogue may one day see us parting ways. All hands must be on desk as we maintain our value of trust.



Quotes Of Wisdom:

A Bird Sitting On A Tree Is Not Afraid Of The Branch Breaking.

The Only Failure In Life Is The Failure To Try.

An Attitude Of Positive Expectation Is The Mark Of The Superior Personality.

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