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Abductees Gain Freedom After Paying 2 Million Naira Ransom

4 of the farmers kidnapped by kidnappers from a farmland situated at Ikosu Ekiti, around Moba L.G.A of Ekiti State around evening time on Monday have been released.

In accordance with the Reports; “The kidnappers who abducted them, called the owners of the farmland and requested for a sum of 50 million naira before they could give the 4 kidnapped farmers their freedom back.”

Furthermore, Reports around the place made a statement on Saturday that the 4 abducted farmers regained their freedom on the evening of Friday after four joyless nights spent with the kidnappers.

A Report voiced, “I can assure you that they’ve gained their freedom back and they’ve go back to their various homes. The only thing i can speak on is that the kidnappers requested for a ransom of 50 million naira initial, but finally deduced it to 3 million naira and people were hustling to get the ransom and pay immediately.”

“But have in mind that one of the kidnapper who was a suspect, who people believed that he must be among the kidnappers was apprehended that same week. There could be a possibility that the suspect was the person who disclosed the whereabout of others. But I’m sure they’re back home”; The Reporter stated.

An inexorable Reporter stated; “The 4 farmers were set free in Kwara State, precisely Isolo, after the payment of two million naira. When the various families were capable of raising 2 million naira, the Gunmen made a new decision on collecting 30 million naira. But at last, they still took the 2 million naira.

The Reporter who complained on the way at which kidnappers are operating in the State, called for the attention of the Federal and State Government to take immediate steps to seek for a solution to the problem.