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Delta Variant Of Coronavirus That Infects Individuals More Faster, Detected In Oyo State


The Coronavirus Task Force of Oyo State has unveiled the Delta variant of the Coronavirus in the State.

Doctor Olabode Ladipo, the State Incident Manager and coordinator of the Emergency Operations Centre, who made a confirmation that the development, stated that the general public is aware of the essence to take extra caution and persistently apply all advisories earlier unleashed by the Coronavirus Task Force.

The Delta variant is an increasing transmissible variant of Coronavirus and it infects people faster when compared to the well-known Coronavirus variant.

In accordance with the statement made by Governor ‘Seyi Makinde who is the Chief Press Secretary and Mr. Taiwo, in respect of the Task Force, conveyed an information that the Task Force “wishes to inform the general public of the isolation of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus in the state.”

The statement says: “This strain has been linked with high transmission, rise the incidents of disease and outcomes.

“As such, this is to give strict warnings that the virus is still closely around the society.”

Warnings were given to the occupants of the State to persistently hold on to all advisories aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

The statement also told all in-bound travellers to usually isolate themselves for atleast 7 days and give themselves up for tests.

In advance: “The ‘Own Your Action’ (OYA) initiative of the State Government should be put in consideration seriously by following to the protocols of putting on nose and mouth masks in public meetings, proper washing of hands with soap and water and the usage of hand sanitisers.

“Coronavirus Task Force of Oyo State hereby pleads with the indigins or residents of Oyo State to follow these protocols and other advisories as they are for the individuals and organisations.

“It would be thankful if all in-bound travelers coming from overseas follow the compulsory 7-days isolation and proper testing before associating with the other people.

“Further, occupants are urged to look fir medical attention and avail the chance of free testing if they are in a state of being sick.

“Activeness on both parts of the Government and the indigins will surely go lengths in reducing the transmission rate of the Coronavirus within the State.”

3rd Wave Of Coronavirus: FG Lays Six States And FCT On Vigilance


Moving along with the confirmation of the Delta variant of Coronavirus and the increasing digits of the diseases and hospitalisation in the Country, the Presidential Steering Committee on Coronavirus (P.S.C), has placed 6 states and the FCT on vigilance concerning the preventive strategies against a 3rd wave of the Coronavirus.

In accordance with the statement signed by Chief Mustapha, the Chairman of the P.S.C and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation S.G.F), on Sunday night, he mentioned the States as: Oyo, Rivers, Plateau, Kano, Kaduna and the FCT, Lagos.

The PSC, moreover, gave a warning that all the States of the Federation should increase their state of being prepared and continue to implement all rules put in place, given the spread of the Delta variant with ease.

“These procedures are crucial as we start to see some signs of rising cases in Nigeria, which calls for alot of worry.

He said; “The P.S.C shall keep on minimising the risk of importation of Variants of worry into the country by making the Surveillance strong at every Points of Entry (P.O.E), implementing extant quarantine measures and conserving the present preventive measures in respect to the travelers coming from Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and India,”

He contributed that the PSC congratulates the Muslim Ummah regarding the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-Kabir celebration, encouraging all the State Governments and religious leaders to be careful due to the possibility for an increase in the spread of the Coronavirus during massive gatherings.

Mustapha said: “The P.S.C, suggests that the
following of preventive protocols for a safe Eid-el-Kabir celebration, which involves; fragmentation of Eid prayer into neighborhood Friday Prayer in various Mosques (outdoor), deferment of the Durbar operations and observing every limitations on every indoor meetings.

Nigerians and all occupants are reminded to stay safe, always.”

China Startled By WHO Arrangement Regarding The Coronavirus Origins’ Study


BEIJING — China can’t allow the World Health Organization’s arrangement for the 2nd section of a study into the root of Coronavirus, a high-level Chinese health official said today, being Thursday

The vice minister of the National Health Commission, zeng yixin, says he was shocked by the arrangement and to be specific, the theory that the Coronavirus might have sneaked from a Chinese laboratory.

He totalized the theory as a rumor that does counter to common sense and science.

“It is never possible for us to accept such an origin-tracing arrangement,” he said a news program called for the purpose of addressing Coronavirus origins problem.

The look for the origins of the coronavirus has become a diplomatic issue that has made China’s relations with the United States and many of its allies get worse. The United States and others say that China has not been truthfully regarding the events that occurred in the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic. China blames criticizers of politicizing an issue that is meant for the scientists.

The director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, understood last week that it wasn’t mature to rule out a potential joint between the Coronavirus pandemic and a leak from a Chinese Government laboratory situated in Wuhan, the city where the Virus was first noticed lately in the year 2019.

Zeng made a statement the Wuhan laboratory doesn’t have any virus that can immediately infect humans. He took note that a WHO-coordinated team of international Professionals who came to the lab in the beginning this year came to a conclusion that a laboratory leak was highly not likely.

Most professionals have a believe that the virus most likely moved from animals to humans. The highly politicized debate areas on whether a laboratory leak is so unlikely that the theory should be brought out as something that’s possible, or if it requires further study.

Epe And Lagos State Ram Sellers Looks Up To Banks As Sallah Comes


On Monday In Epe, Lagos State, Ram sellers depicted their joy at the demand for Rams by Muslim faithfuls in preparation to Next week’s Eid-el-kabir celebrations.

Mr Yasir Seriki, the leader of the Ram traders told News Agency Nigeria (NAN) during the visit that he and his members were overwhelmed at the level of patronage.

He said that they sellers had expressed fear over what the rate of patronage will be like, due to the recent poor economic development but happily people are buying rams.

In his words “we are happy at the sales. More trailer load of rams will still get to Epe before the festival”.

Yasir observed that the prices of rams were higher in 2021 compared to 2029 and blamed it on the security challenges across the country.

He further Said that people were buying more cows than they bought rams because they are relatively cheaper if one thinks about the quantity of meat that would be gotten. He further Said that cows were sold between N190,000 and N500,000 depending on the size while rams sold for N160,000 and above.

CBN Starts Entrepreneurship Program To Increase Employment


Just in Monday 13th July, 2021 the central republic of Nigeria, CBN came out to say that a scheme, Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Program, TIES, was being worked as it’s in its conception period. This CBN Entrepreneurship program is aimed at re-orientating, training and financing of entrepreneurship ideas by Nigerian graduates.

Governor Godwin Emefiele of the Federal republic of Nigeria made this development clear in his Goodwill message to the 35th conference of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, in the Kano state University of science and technology, KUST, Wudil.

Also, it would widen the line of employment by creating job opportunities for many Youths graduating from various higher institutions across the country annually.

He further made it clear that the development will provide the platform for building digital skills necessary for Nigeria’s bigger developmental Targets.

The Governor pointed that efforts were ongoing to curtail the impact of covid19 pandemic on production sectors and shaking oil revenues in the country.

Have You Seen The Beautiful Family Of Ngozi Ezonu Currently??: Check Out Their Photos


Welcome to betahits Entertainment page. In this article, you will have the opportunity to see some stunning pictures of famous/veteran Nollywood Actress, Ngozi Ezeonu and her family. The stunning Actress has really proved that her family is really important.

Ngozi Ezonu’s Adorable Family

Most of us are aware that Ngozi Ezeonu is one of the Oldest, most creative, and talented actresses that has really made a good name for the Nollywood industry. She has been in the movie industry since the year, 1993. The beautiful Actress who was married t Edwin Ezeonu, her ex husband is currently blessed with 4 adorable children.

Ngozi Ezonu’s Lovely Daughter

Ngozi Ikpelue Nzeonu who is popularly known as Ngozi Ezeonu in the Nollywood industry is a popular Actress and, she is an indigin of Ogbunike community, but she was given birth to in Imo State on the 23rd of May, the year 1965.

The 56- year- old Actress in records has been featured in an estimate of 150 Nollywood movies. Some of the Movies names are; Zenith Of Sacrifice, In The Begining, A Drop Of Blood, The Confessor e.t.c…

Presently, She is one of the Award- winning Actresses who is making alot of great vibet in the Nollywood industry or the Entertainment Industry as a whole.

Look At More Adorable Pictures Of Her Below:

Ngozi Ezonu
Ngozi Ezonu
Ngozi Ezonu

House Owner Dies After The Collapse Of His Two-Storey Building In Lagos


Landlord confirmed dead in Lagos State as two-storey building collapses

An uncompleted 2-storey building has collapsed and killed the owner in Lagos State recognized as Pastor Daniel Obasi at no. 77 Tapa Road, Oke-Ojo, Isawo in Ikorodu.

Reports have it that the accident happened exactly around 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, being the 20th of July, while the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir was ongoing.

In accordance with the neighbours statement, building work were put to a temporary stop on Tuesday due to the celebration of Eid El Kabir, and that workers were still working till late Monday evening.

Ibrahim Farinloye, the acting Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency of Lagos State(NEMA), who made a confirmation of the accident, stated that the Owner was the only person that was involved in the accident.

Farinloye made a statement that Obasi was earlier reported held tight, but his body was later found from the rubble by the rescue team and gave it over to the Isawo Department Police

He also stated that Isawo police officers had moved the body to the General Hospital morgue at Ikorodu, saying that the collapsed building was a subordinate to the main building.

“What caused the building to collapse was suspected to be insufficient timeline to allow sand-filled land to become very strong before the starting the construction and they used building materials that are poor, in accordance with the neighbours.” Farinloye said.

He stated that more investigations would be done by good agencies.


Shocking: Protest Cruises Ibadan Due To The Arrest Of Cheif Sunday Igboho And Wife In Benin Republic


The agitators of Nation of Yoruba will declare a protest in Ibadan, Oyo State by 12 o’clock in the afternoon today, being Wednesday, to request for the freedom of Sunday Adeyemo, the Yoruba Nation activist, who is also known as Sunday Igboho, who was apprehended by police and held hostage in Benin Republic.
The agitators protested last week against the raid of Igboho’s area by security operatives of the Sector of State Services and requested release of the 12 house workers arrested in Igboho’s house.

A terse statement by Olayomi Koiki, Chief Igboho’s representative, made a confirmation to today’s protest, saying that all the advocators of the activist hooked up to participate.

“Emergency, emergency, emergency; please, we appeal for all the Agitators to come over to the Chief Sunday Igboho’s House for a peaceful protest to display to the world the kind of person he is, as it’s one of the conditions given for his freedom.

“Please, let’s all gather in his house in Soka, Ibadan, before 12 noon today. Thank you and God bless you all. Yoruba Nation now now now,” Koiki made statement.

Koiki made a statement earlier that the Federal Government could not attack or harass those people agitating for the self-determination of the Nation of Yoruba.

He also made a statement that he has hope that Igboho would get a good representative in the court.

He stated,

“We are not going to give chance for the Government to attack us. We are not going to give room for the Federal Government and politicians to play with our heads.

“We must remain powerful and remain cool as we get freedom for Chief Sunday Adeyemo and the Yoruba generation.”

Adeyemo was caught on the verge of catching a flight to Germany along with his wife.

The Federal Government of Nigeria already kept the Nigeria Customs Service and the Nigeria Immigration Service active to apprehend Chief Sunday from Emigrating from the Country.

How Sunday Igboho Sneaked Away From Beninese Airport And Was Later Trapped Back, Tracking Phone Calls


Additional facts emanated on Wednesday about how the Agitator of Nation of Yoruba, Sunday Adeyemo and aka Igboho, previously sneaked away from security agencies at the Cotonou Airport, Benin Republic, but was brought back to the area through the use if phone calls by one of his travel agents.

Igboho’s lawyers, led by Yomi Aliu, SAN, had already gone to Benin Republic where they had hooked up with some lawyers of Beninese in preparation for a legal combat to avoid the extradition of Activists to Nigeria.

“You know that he has been under close monitor and he is a person that communicates with so many people.These calls he made with telephones were used to track him down and he was double-crossed in Cotonou.

“He previously escaped from the airport when the security Agencies made attempts to apprehend him. But the travel agent put a call across to, saying the case had been resolved. But on coming back, he was apprehended by the Security Agencies together with his wife.

“Lots of individuals made attempts to resolve the case but we found out that Tukur Buratai, the Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic already knew and he declared that he (Igboho) must be convicted,” a Report stated.

Another report noted that Igboho and his wife were held hostage at the “Criminal Police cell of Benin Republic”, contributing that “Buratai would have visited the police station Considering he fact that he was the one that gave them an order to arrest him.”

The report took note that the Embassy of German was interfering in the case considering that Igboho’s wife is a citizen of Germany.

He contributed; however, the Government of Nigeria could exert high pressure on Benin Republic and convict Igboho today being the 21st of July 2021.

“I was told they are approaching today, the Nigerian Government Officials said. My everyday prayer is that he should not leave Cotonou or be given the chance to travell to Germany dye to the fact that I don’t know what would occurred to him in Abuja,” the report said.

Bayer Leverkusen Shows So Much Interest In Sheyi Ojo



Sheyi Ojo, one of the winger’ in Liverpool Club is allegedly on the radar of Club of Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen.

Ojo finished the previous season at Sky Bet Championship club, Cardiff City on a Loan.

In the Reds first team, the footballer has not been included for the three past seasons.

He has also had a good time with loan spells at Fulham and Stade de Reims, Wolverhamton Wanderers and Glasgow Rangers.

In accordance with the Reports; Bayer Leverkusen have made the winger a primary target to take the place of Demarai Gray in Germany State.


Sunday Dare Says- Only With Prayers Can The Nigeria Team Win Medals


Sunday Dare, the Youth and sports Development Minister, has asked Nigerians to pray for the athletes of the Country to succeed in carrying the medals on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games happening in Japan.

The Nigerian Team, consisting of fifty eight Athletes might be competing in ten sports events on the beginning of the rescheduled games from today being the 21st of July to the eight August 2021.

Remember that, at the final Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Nigeria Team secured only 1 Bronze Medal during the men’s football to claim the first podium of the Country since 2008. The Nigerian Team loosed the Semifinals to the Germans, the score was 2-0, but they later united to win Honduras with a score of 3-2 in the bronze playoff.

Talking at the short ceremony hosted by Airline of Ethiopia to send the Minister and others forth to the International Airport situated in Abuja yesterday. The Minister commended the efforts of the Airline Company and others who helped the sports sector and asked all the Nigerian Citizens to put the Team in prayers so that they’ll win, while wishing them the best.

He stated, “We thank the Ethiopian Airlines for a success in moving the team to a greater height and i strongly believe that we shall have a reason to merry when we come back with medals. So my speech is that i wish the Nigeria team the best. Above all, we really require the prayer of Nigerians so that do this competition neatly, win medals and put smile on the face of the Nation”.