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Quality Music Promotion By BETAHITS

Quality Music Promotion By BETAHITS
Most people have great talents but they’re still living in the dark…Why??

Most music Artiste, precisely the upcoming Artiste are always fund of sharing their songs individually on the streets for the purpose of making it go viral. Sharing your songs on the street is not enough to make your song go viral. Moreover, it is very stressful and that method was used in the past to promote music.

The world has found out a new technique which has made it very possible for you to promote your songs without stress and it’ll go viral through the use of Websites and different Social Media Platforms.

In contribution to the above, Betahits has done alot of research and discovered many ways which we can promote alot of songs and make them go viral using our platform.

Take Note: We don’t exaggerate things here, we tell you things how they exactly are. Some Websites can Promise you thousands of downloads, but we don’t do that here. Betahits believes that it’s only the vibe of your song that’ll get people attracted to download it, we don’t promise you any exact number of downloads, what we promise you is the number of views, because our platforms gets lot’s of visitors daily, so with the influence of our website, many people will surely view and play your songs, when they enjoy it while playing, they must surely decide to download it and also follow you up on many Social Media Platforms, So i urge you Artiste to review your contents properly, making sure the vibe is great before submitting it for promotion, inorder to attract good number of fans. Motivation is our identity, we are not just only out to make money. Moreover, our Company is not self-centered, we also have your interest at heart.

Are you still living in the dark?, it’s time to gain spotlight. Contact us immediately for your music promotion, let’s make your Songs go viral.

For those of us interested in the music promotion package, you can contact immediately via WhatsApp @08153014875 or Email @betahits.com@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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